Saturday, January 12, 2008

pirate ATCs for 1-12-08 trade

.I was planning on going to Albuquerque today for the ATC trade but couldn't get it together. I've been fighting a cold all week. It never has quite gotten me but every other day it feels like it is threatening again (sore throat, sniffles but not really sick, you know what I mean). Also, my granddaughter Haevyn is here for a few days (always fun) and so my productivity has been a bit hindered and that means only 3/4ths of the cards are actually ready to go. I finally gave up on the idea of making the two hour trip to Albuquerque this morning, 30 minutes past when I should've been leaving. I decided the stress wasn't going to help me conquer this cold once and for all.

What's up with me and time these days. Well, maybe it's not just these days. Someone gave me a sign about 20 years ago that read, "This is the earliest I've ever been late" so I guess this really isn't a new thing. I just thought I'd be better by now since all our kids are raised and all that time I thought it was their fault I was so often late.

I really try to be organized and have my act together and be on top of things and all that but I rarely seem to be able to pull it off. As I wrote a brief intro this morning for a yahoo group I was joining and read back through previous blog posts, I suddenly became aware of how often I'm pressed for time or mention time being a factor in my life. Hmmmm. Could SomeOne be trying to get my attention? Must be my 'Word' for the year. (see Leau's blog and Christine Kane's blog)

I'll have to ponder this to figure out what it all means when I get a little time to think it through. :)


Leau said...

these look great!! I saved one for you and will look forward to getting one of these. Late or early, you're still the best!!

Nicole's Godblog said...

Hey Mom!

The only thing I thought of when I was reading this post was, "Time is on my side, yes it is" Remember that song? So, if you find yourself late again just remember the lyrics to this song and remember that time is on your side even when it seems like it's not!

Love You.
Love, Nic!

Paula Scott said...

I love your ATC's and I also saved one for you. Thanks for the link to Christine's blog. After reading it, now I'm thinking "what's MY word for this year"? In going back and reading what you wrote, what is your word? Is it release? Committment? No? (I just picked these from her list).
So, don't keep me in suspense! I want to be a disciple too and am waiting for your post for when you're done pondering...