Monday, September 29, 2008

little books


Not much time to post this morning but I thought I'd show the little books Yvonne, Kellilynn and I worked on yesterday.

They are ATC size, using playing cards for the light cardboard in the covers. We did some image transfers on some paper from Nepal and coated it lightly with acrylic medium. It ended up looking a lot like leather. Lots of fun!
Wednesday, September 17, 2008

follow up to my whiny studio blog


Hey, check out The Altered Page postings from yesterday and today -- Studio Shots 1 and 2 showing tons of artists' studios with pics and comments by each one. I love it!

Seth Apter has organized "the third edition of The Pulse: an artist survey" and began posting the results on August 18, 2008 with 95 artists participating. Very interesting and inspiring to read. Actually, check it all out.
Tuesday, September 16, 2008

fun news

I found out last week that I sold one of my prints that had been in the VLA (Very Large Array) gift shop. It had been there for about 8 months at least. Jimmy always says that art just needs to wait for the right person to come along -- the one who's just gotta have it. He told me last week that the lady who runs the gift shop told him that some guy who was with a film crew out at the VLA site recently had bought it and it was going to his office in New York. Cool, I thought and Yay, the print finally sold. Found out today that apparently (or so I was told) it was David Muir with ABC News and he's hosting an ABC Primetime special about UFOs that aired tonight. (Honestly, I've never heard of him before this but I still thought it was kinda cool news. Apparently, he's pretty hot stuff in the news world. He sure looks like a hottie in his pictures anyway ;) Now I'm wishing I had framed it more professionally and included a certificate of authenticity (standard procedure for "real prints") or at least attached a business card to the back of it.

I also wish I had a better photo of the print but the one shown above is the best that I could find in my photos. The print is titled, "Still In The Box". It is called that because of a story Jimmy told me of a family that was traveling and stopped by the VLA for a tour. They were all exclaiming over the size of the radio telescopes and the interesting spectacle that they are out there on the Plains of San Agustine and one of their little girls pointed to the one that was in the huge barn where they go for repairs and said, "Look Daddy, that one is still in the box."
Sunday, September 14, 2008

what a mess!

Cloth Paper Scissors is publishing a special issue about studios. It will hit the news stands early in October. There's a lovely photo on the cover of some artist's very nicely appointed, clean, well kept art space. It will also have, "85 ways to find, sort and store your stash" and "11 best organizing tips from an expert" and "BIG solutions for small spaces". I need to read all of these articles, I'm sure and I'm really looking forward to getting a copy so I can be inspired and encouraged by all those organized artists. Or possibly not. Usually, I just feel depressed when I see the large, clean, orderly work spaces that other artists work in. Anyway, just knowing this special issue was coming out has made me think about what condition my art condition is in.

Here's mine...Sorta pathetic.

Actually, I try to be organized. I really make an attempt at being organized but I don't love to organize or the discipline that it takes to stay there. I get shelves and containers and try to put things in their place. Sometimes I try anyway, like on those occasional, I'm Really Going To Get Organized Weekends that happen maybe three times a year. But then projects or shows happen in the middle of life happening and more times than not, I end up trying to do art in ten square inches of space and frustrating myself while searching for supplies that have gotten buried under supplies from past projects. Or moving those materials and supplies from past projects to tables that are already piled with stuff from other projects just so I can get to an essential piece of equipment (like my press) and making more clutter and chaos in the process.

Another thing I've been thinking about lately is how my always wanting to experience new art mediums or learn new techniques (which usually then require new art supplies) is a lot like someone who is always wanting a new lover in their life; always wanting to experience that excitement and thrill of new love over and over again. I can't seem to stick with one thing long enough to actually ever make a commitment to explore all the possibilities with it before becoming infatuated (or just intrigued) with some new art interest. I guess I'm feeling like I'm acting a bit fickle or kinda like a player* toward art related things these days and that maybe it's high time for me to quit taking more classes, buying more books and accumulating more art materials and just focus on using the stuff that is currently cluttering up my art space in our house. I'm beginning to think that many times all the books, blogs, workshops and online info that I'm constantly taking in also only adds to the clutter in my head and prevents any real artful inspiration and creativity from taking place. (*Player: a guy who is sustaining supposedly excluisve relationships with multiple girls simultaneously.)

I'm not sure why I thought I needed the world (or the half dozen people who actually read my blog) to know this about me. I must be in a true art confessions sort of place.

Rosh Hashanah--the Jewish New Year--is coming up (Sept. 30/Oct.1) so this is actually a very good time to be feeling new resolve. Not that I'm Jewish or believe in keeping the Law or anything but I respect the idea that there is a particular time set aside to consider old ways and determine (with God's help) to do better. I'm so there, in so many ways.
Wednesday, September 10, 2008

transfer experiments


I bought some HammerMill Color Copy Gloss paper this weekend at Office Depot. I had never seen it before and I keep trying to find a paper that gives me a really nice, consistent transfer without a whole lot of effort. (besides that I'm just a paper junkie.) Anyway here's a couple of samples of what happened. (remember this is just an experiment, I'm not going for art yet.)

In the first photo (above) the images are transferred to MDF that has a light coating of dried white gesso. I applied a layer of Golden Polymer Medium (gloss) and then burnished the images face down with a brayer -- the back of the paper covered with plastic to prevent gel medium from going everywhere. The daisy on the right was printed on a color laser printer and the one on the left was printed on an epson c88+ with durabrite ultra inks. This next one (below) is transferred to some untreated matboard -- again the laser on the right and the inkjet on the left.

Of course, the laser print is the more vivid of the two on both and I did have to be careful not to rub too hard on the inkjet one because it wanted to lift off a bit once I was down to the image. I only let it dry about 30 to 45 min. before I removed the paper. Whatever this paper is coated with makes it really easy to roll the paper off the image/gel layer. It rolls right off leaving kind of a chalky white film with just a tiny bit of paper fibers still attached. Doesn't take much after that to get the remaining paper and white stuff off. I used a wet paper towel to completely remove the white chalky stuff when all the paper had been removed. Not sure why the gaping hole in the daisy on the right -- probably didn't get gel medium spread evenly or I may have been too energetic in removing the paper.

I think I love experimentation more than the art. It's nice not having any expectations or being afraid I'll ruin something I'm working on.