Monday, September 29, 2008

little books


Not much time to post this morning but I thought I'd show the little books Yvonne, Kellilynn and I worked on yesterday.

They are ATC size, using playing cards for the light cardboard in the covers. We did some image transfers on some paper from Nepal and coated it lightly with acrylic medium. It ended up looking a lot like leather. Lots of fun!


Nicole said...

Cool books Mom! Wished I could have been there to make them with you all! They are really awesome!

Love you!

Love, Nic!

Leau said...

These are really sweet and yes the transfers turned out great.

mk said...

what a great idea- they look very cool-

Paula Scott said...

I wanna come and PLAAAAYYY!
These are so neat! What a great idea!

Laurie said...

Hey, thanks everyone!

Jimmy said (after seeing what we came up with) that he wished he had joined us in making some on Sunday. He had to stay home from work today so this afternoon he and I made a couple more. I'll post a photo later after they dry a bit.

(Paula...finish that dang kitchen and get down here and play!)