Tuesday, September 16, 2008

fun news

I found out last week that I sold one of my prints that had been in the VLA (Very Large Array) gift shop. It had been there for about 8 months at least. Jimmy always says that art just needs to wait for the right person to come along -- the one who's just gotta have it. He told me last week that the lady who runs the gift shop told him that some guy who was with a film crew out at the VLA site recently had bought it and it was going to his office in New York. Cool, I thought and Yay, the print finally sold. Found out today that apparently (or so I was told) it was David Muir with ABC News and he's hosting an ABC Primetime special about UFOs that aired tonight. (Honestly, I've never heard of him before this but I still thought it was kinda cool news. Apparently, he's pretty hot stuff in the news world. He sure looks like a hottie in his pictures anyway ;) Now I'm wishing I had framed it more professionally and included a certificate of authenticity (standard procedure for "real prints") or at least attached a business card to the back of it.

I also wish I had a better photo of the print but the one shown above is the best that I could find in my photos. The print is titled, "Still In The Box". It is called that because of a story Jimmy told me of a family that was traveling and stopped by the VLA for a tour. They were all exclaiming over the size of the radio telescopes and the interesting spectacle that they are out there on the Plains of San Agustine and one of their little girls pointed to the one that was in the huge barn where they go for repairs and said, "Look Daddy, that one is still in the box."


Raine K said...

Whoah - that's so cool - I asked Chris if he knew of the guy and he most certainly has. How fun - you should get his email address and send him a thank you email!

Laurie said...

Hey cool -- I figured someone who watches the news might know who he is. We didn't, that's why I was so iffy about it in the blog. Jimmy saw the gift shop lady today (since the airing of the program last night) and she told him that it really was David Muir who bought it and he had personally told her that it was going in his office in New York.

email -- yeah, I know -- that's what I thought and I tried a bit last night to find a contact email or blog or something but I didn't find one except the general ABC news blog that lots of different people contribute to. I'll try again sometime. I thought that he might also enjoy hearing the story behind the title.

Paula Scott said...

Yay!!!! Congratulations! What a thrilling feeling that must be and to top it off, bought by a total stranger and going to reside in an office in NY!
I love the story you included about the title. Makes it all the more special!