Wednesday, October 8, 2008

my daughter's work...

I meant to do this before now but take a look at my daughter Nicole's recent art project. A couple months ago she was asked to participate in an upcoming Habitat for Humanity fund raising project. I think the event is scheduled for late October or early November but they will be auctioning off bird houses that have been created by Durango area artists.

The quote above the birds is from the song Volare (volare means 'to fly' in Italian, just in case you didn't already know that) and says, "No wonder my happy heart sings, your love has given me wings." I helped a tiny bit (with the image transfers) but I think she did a great job and just had to let everyone get a glimpse of her creativity.


Nicole said...

ahhh. Thanks mom! It was such fun discovering that green shiny color! It truly came out beyond what I expected or thought about before! It was so fun!

Love, Nicole!

Paula Scott said...

Oh, yes! She did a great job! It seems the talent runs in the family! You know, I grew up singing 'Volare' with my dad and family. I had no idea it meant "To fly". Now that I know the meaning of the word, the song takes on a whole new dimension.
The is one really cool bird house!

Leau said...

Way to go Nic! You have this whole family thing going on right now, cool. And it really is beautiful.