Wednesday, October 1, 2008

more little books


Jimmy (my cutie husband) told me Sunday (after the book-making ladies left) that he wished he had joined us Sunday in making little books. He had to take today off of work to take care of some business stuff and so this afternoon he had me show him how to make little books. His is the one on the left with the spider and the one on the right is one I did for my granddaughter, Haevyn, who saw the ones we did Sunday and said, "I want a little book too Llama." She has a new, pinkish-red Betta fish so that's why the Betta on the cover of the pink one.

Didn't Jimmy do a great job on his? He was so meticulous about the way he went about putting it together, even adding a 'half-hitch' knot when he was tying the signatures of the pages together so they'd stay together better!


Leau said...

Jimmy, you dog!! Cute, smart, funny and now an artist. All that artsy fartsy is rubbing off, I knew art was catching. Great job you guys.

Paula Scott said...

Jimmy!!! Who would've thought! This man runs deep!
Can I come down and play? Can Leau come too? Huh?
Those books are calling to me...

Laurie said...

I know -- he's amazing!

Come on down -- you guys are always welcome. Let me know when a good time might be. :)

Raine K said...

These are awesome Laurie! Jimmy rocks and so do you!