Monday, December 24, 2007


These are my prints for the wetcanvas Christmas card print exchange that I participated in. Both were less than what I'd hoped for but there was no time to redo. I had already missed the deadline by 6 days when I sent them out on Friday. When they were sent out, the bag on the left contained one of the prints done on the black lokta paper and the message (shown at the top - if you click on the top image it should be large enough to read the printing details.)

I had hoped that the printed bag would show the image lit from behind when used as a luminaria but alas it didn't work as I had hoped. The print quality on the lunch bags wasn't consistent and so most of the bags didn't print as dark as I had hoped. Oh well.

The black lokta print was a bit of an experiment. I was shooting for a glowing nighttime photo look but of course I wasn't quite happy with the results of this one either. It actually looked much better when I framed it in the metallic bronze frame. Sorta made it pop (not that you can tell on screen).

I'm not sure holiday time is the best time for me to participate in a swap (I'm pretty scattered most of the time but during the holidays I'm terrible) but I have received some beautiful prints in the exchange. I have loved each one and have enjoyed all the different styles and choices of images. What fun!


Paula Scott said...

I wonder how these would look with resin over them?? Do you dare to try one? And then, they could be light catchers...