Thursday, December 20, 2007


.I can't believe it's been so long but it really has. Busyness has overtaken me again.

Too much to tell about. No one would really want to wade through it anyway. :)

Above you can see a creative something that I squeezed in sometime during the past month or so. A soldered ornament with a feather sandwiched between microscope slides and wire/beadwork dangle-doodads that I learned how to do. Fun! It actually sold at the gallery last week. Cool! I've been planning on making more but haven't found the time.

I joined a printmaking exchange and have been trying to get those finished and in the mail. I'll try to add those in a day or so.


Leau said...

It is fabu!! How fun that it sold. See ya later.

Regina (artsy_reg) said...

Just gorgeous! You're on your way gurlfren!

Paula Scott said...

Ooooh! Aaah! That is just loverly!