Tuesday, November 10, 2009

where women create

How did I miss this new magazine about studios? Probably because I missed a lot last year starting when I blew out my knee exactly one year ago tomorrow. I had a lot of time on my hands and began obsessing about my own tiny, cluttered art space while sitting with my leg in that brace for two months. I also became fascinated by other artists' studios during that time so I'm anxious to get my hands on this magazine now that I know it's available.

The current issue is of particular interest because New Mexico artist Pamela Armas and her studio are featured in it and also on the Where Women Create Blog where you can see several photos of Pamela's amazing 22,000 sq. ft. studio and art space. My friend Yvonne (who does the annual Egg Show here in Magdalena) knows Pamela and we tried to visit her last year when we attended the Mountainair Sunflower Festival but were disappointed to find that she was out of town. We're still hoping to get back there one of these days. Yvonne says that photos just don't do Pamela's place justice...you just have to see it...it's that fantastic.


moongipsies@msn.com said...

if you ever get to go.. count me in !!!

I have purused this magazine before.. and it is delicious.

Laurie said...

okay Elaine...I'll let you know if/when a trek to Mountainair materializes.

P.S. Thanks for always taking the time to read and comment...much appreciated. :)