Saturday, May 2, 2009

Leona Mae Killoy. 3-25-1914 to 4-29-2009

I feel so sad and relieved all at the same time but Gramma passed away this week on Wednesday. I didn't know it was possible to feel both emotions to this extent, all at the same time.

What a fighter she was. CHF, diabetes, heart valve issues etc., and 95 years of age but man, such a fierce little thing. She actually had a fever of over 108 degrees before she finally gave it up the other was crazy. Her nurse said he had never seen anything like it.

She was always so fussy about her appearance and grooming she would've hated the way her hair looked that day. She was also very, very picky about her personal comfort. We were always fluffing pillows and changing her sleeping (beds, bedding, etc.) and resting (chairs, couches, recliners, etc.) accoutrements because it seemed her opinions about such things changed weekly. Her food preferences changed frequently also and she preferred a varied menu up until the last week or so. Except for a few standbys. If nothing else sounded good, most of the time either mashed potatoes and gravy or buttered toast, scrambled eggs (made with half and half, of course) and coffee with cream would do. She also drank multiple glasses of "zippy water" (gingerale and perrier water mixed together) throughout each day for the past three months since her stay in the hospital in January. I asked the funeral home director on Thursday morning, when Mom and I went to make arrangements, if she had given them any trouble the night before because she was always so persnickety about her accommodations. I was glad he laughed and didn't look at me strangely for trying to interject a little humor into the situation.

Anyway, gonna miss her like crazy. I hope there is pinochle and feather pillows in eternity. She'll probably be pissed if there isn't. :)


Rachel said...

That was a really beautiful tribute that made me laugh and cry. I am so glad that you are all at peace in so many ways. Much Love.

Paula Scott said...

Bittersweet indeed...but what a legacy, huh?
It is so hard to watch someone die slowly.
Your post brought me back to when my Grandma died and what she meant to me.
Big hugs to you!!

Nicole said...

Hey mom! GREAT post! You are so good in explaining her personality and character... What goodness... I love you and am feeling the same way about her passing... I will see you next week! :)

marianne said...

quite certain there are feather pillows & pinochle in eternity. and she'll be with you too. glad that you are able to laugh- it's what gets us through and i fervently hope there is lots of laughter when i go. a few tears too, of course. thoughst with you. she sounds like she was a very special woman.

Laurie said...

Thank you all for your thoughts and comments. Bless you. :)

Leau said...

lovely tribute... be gentle with yourself sugar, smooches