Thursday, March 19, 2009

more cheater art

Just got this one back from the framer in Socorro. This is an ATC (3.5" x 2.5") I did several years ago to use as an example of a hand-painted artist's trading card. I needed it in a hurry for part of a presentation to a group I was trying to interest in the concept of ATCs. Anyway, it was a quicky painting accomplished (again) by sort of cheating because I didn't have much time.

I turned a photo of a tea cup (this one I had actually photographed myself) into a line drawing in photoshop or illustrator (can't remember now what program I used) which I then printed out on watercolor paper in a very, very faint light gray. Then, using watercolors, I hand-painted it using the original photo as a guide for the colors.


Paula Scott said...

This isn't cheating! What a lovely tea cup (and the ones in the post before it).
Nice to see you posting again! Yay!
And, I just learned a whole slew of transfer techniques from Sandra Duran Wilson n Santa Fe.