Wednesday, December 10, 2008

just looking at art supplies makes me happy

My dwelling place has become our fairly good size living/dining/kitchen great room these days. Jimmy set up a daybed where the sofa used to be with a 2.5' x 4' table next to it where I can keep within arms reach just about anything I might need. (Anything except art supplies, that is) He did this because I am still unable to get in and out of our small bedroom safely and after two weeks on the couch I finally said I couldn't take that anymore. (It's was a month yesterday since the freaky weird dislocation.) Mostly I've been reading or messing with my wacom tablet or getting online or watching movies and such to keep myself occupied but I have had some hints of borderline insanity hit on long days here by myself.

After going to the orthopedic specialist (O.S.) last week, and being put in a better brace that allows me to bend my knee a little bit, I was ready to do something other than spend all day, every day on the daybed. Actually, I was ready way before this but the brace I was in before made it difficult to be comfortable for very long in a chair and until I saw the O.S. I didn't want to make many plans. With surgery coming up this Friday and the prospect of an unknown amount of more time continuing to living this way I started begging Jimmy last Friday to bring a bunch of my art supplies downstairs and set up a makeshift art space for me in the living room. After blowing it Monday by barely acknowledging my birthday, I guess Jimmy was willing to do just about anything to make me happy and stayed home from work yesterday to move a bunch of my art mess downstairs. And happy I am. I haven't made anything yet but just looking at the art supplies nearby has done a tremendous thing for my spirits.

The living room has become a studio/art production area a few other times when I was working on projects that were too overspreading for my little studio so it's not the first time I've taken over the main area of the house. I don't know that I've currently made it look any worse than those times but I'm finding it difficult to limit myself to just a few things. Mixed media is wonderful fun but dangerous because of the diverse number of supplies you think you might need. I think I was probably pushing it a little this morning when I handed Jimmy another list of things (that I had made at 3 am) of more junk I needed him to find upstairs. Even Jimmy has his limits.


Paula Scott said...

Sweet Jimmy! To have set this up for you! He's a keeper! ; )
I hope the surgery went well...