Sunday, May 25, 2008

one for the 8x8


.I've decided this one looks a lot more like a decorative tile than real art but it was fun experimenting with the dimensional acrylic in the vines and then trying to figure out how to get the image on there. This is actually the second one I've done. On the first one I used the gel medium image transfer technique and was not quite happy with the depth of color on the pomegranate and tried to fix it by applying a second transfer on top of the first one. I should know better. My fixes are more often disasters than successes.

Anyway, the image on this one was printed onto tissue paper and then basically decoupaged onto the panel with acrylic gel medium. I made a carrier sheet using card stock sprayed with 3m adhesive spray (that I blotted to remove some of the stickiness) and then stuck on and trimmed the tissue paper to 8.5"x11" before printing on my Epson C88+ that uses durabrite inks.


Leau said...

I like it, doesn't look much like a tile on the scan. The colors are rich and vivid, love the pom!

Paula Scott said...

Very nice! Very textural. R U posting it on the other blog 2?