Tuesday, October 23, 2007

unenlightened doodles

.I really don't normally do weird southwestern or Mayan looking, abstract sorta art but trying a new method of doodling produced something quite unlike my usual little daisy flowers and tiny semi-stick people doodles.

I found zentangles online one day and thought they were pretty cool looking doodles. Their site describes them as, " Zentangle is an easy to learn and relaxing method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns."

I don't think I love them enough to order the kit they sell for $49. plus shipping so one can learn to doodle in the purist zentangle way and use only the absolute best quality paper and pen which are provided in the kit. I also don't care to find a zentangle class to take so I can understand what they are all about and have a corporate, zentangling community experience and produce genuine, authentic zentangle doodles but I do like the concept of therapeutic doodling and they looked interesting so, I tried my uneducated version a couple of times and found it to be just as they say, relaxing.

I think I'll go find my cheap pen and some sub-standard paper and do a bit of unenlightened doodling for a bit before I go to bed. :)


Leau said...

Yeah, see I didn't think you needed a lesson or an expensive kit to produce fabulous "out of my comfort zone" doodles! Love it!

Regina (artsy_reg) said...

Love the doodles! I'll have to give that site a look-see.

Paula Scott said...

What a great image! I LOVE chickens that are funky. Some people interpret this as any kind of chicken and end up gift giving me realistic kinds. This is the kind I like. Zany. Funky, Irreverent. Just as we all should be!

lori_gregg said...

This is WAY neat...I tend to favor abstract art :) Keep it up! Maybe you're a Mayan incarnate, haha, jk ;)

Laurie said...

That's a chicken, Paula? Glad someone could see if for what it really is :O I had no idea.