Monday, October 22, 2007

nothing new


Ok. So I'm blogging. I still say who cares? I really wonder. I also wonder what I have to say that hasn't already been said. Somewhere. By someone else. Before I even thought to say it. There's nothing new under the sun as someone before me has so wisely said.

For instance take the above example. I had tumbled the antique purple Glass Graveyard find (aka dump glass) in my brand new rock tumbler overnight with water and sand to simulate a frosted sea glass look. Today I (being afraid even of miniature power tools) took my brand new $10 off, cordless, bargain Dremel tool and actually, successfully drilled a hole in the glass. (First try!) Jump rings were then inserted successfully into the hole by this non-jewelry maker. I printed the image of the flowers on the glass by a printmaking technique called polyester plate lithography and then embossed the image in silver, inserted the ribbon and ta-dah . . . a necklace.

I thought maybe no one else had ever thought to do this but before I got very far in my personal glory-basking moment I thought maybe I should take a look online just to make sure so I didn't falsely claim originality when I told folks that I thought it up. Anyway, someone over at B-muse will be saying 'been there, done that' if they ever stumble onto my blog.


Raine K said...

Hi Laurie!
Waving at you from ABQ! You're right there is nothing new under the sun - but - this necklace is fabulous! And you came up with it yourself - so take full credit please!

Paula Scott said...

Yay! Welcome to blogsphere! It's a great way to keep track of each other and to share our thoughts in a format that doesn't happen via email, etc.
I love the necklace! I don't think you can call yourself a non-jewelry maker anymore since you've made something!
Yay, Raine for getting Laurie inspired!

Raine K said...

WooHoo! And great necklace.

Regina (artsy_reg) said...

Glad to read you in the blogosphere, Laurie! And don't be too hard on yourself - love the necklace! Keep em coming...

purplepaint said...

Laurie! Congratulations to Blogland! I love your necklace! I've been tumbling dump glass for years, I wire wrapped mine but this looks so much easier and quicker! Marva

lori_gregg said...

Laurie!! Wow I LOVE LOVE LOVE that necklace!!! Will you make me one someday, PLEASE? :) :) For my birthday maybe :) Love you!! (Very gorgeous photo of you by the way!)

Lynn Johns said...

I love the necklace!
Chicken? I'm going out to the coop right now and take another look, I must have missed something.
Blogging!? was made for you sister!
I love you.