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Leona Mae Killoy. 3-25-1914 to 4-29-2009

I feel so sad and relieved all at the same time but Gramma passed away this week on Wednesday. I didn't know it was possible to feel both emotions to this extent, all at the same time.

What a fighter she was. CHF, diabetes, heart valve issues etc., and 95 years of age but man, such a fierce little thing. She actually had a fever of over 108 degrees before she finally gave it up the other was crazy. Her nurse said he had never seen anything like it.

She was always so fussy about her appearance and grooming she would've hated the way her hair looked that day. She was also very, very picky about her personal comfort. We were always fluffing pillows and changing her sleeping (beds, bedding, etc.) and resting (chairs, couches, recliners, etc.) accoutrements because it seemed her opinions about such things changed weekly. Her food preferences changed frequently also and she preferred a varied menu up until the last week or so. Except for a few standbys. If nothing else sound…

Jimmy the jewelry maker?

Jimmy's been interested in working with metal and learning how to make some unusual jewelry with some of the odd bits and pieces he can get out of the trash at his job. Because they do some one of a kind sort of things in the machine shop, they also produce some one of a kind, kinda trash.

Today he took some old turquoise beads that we had and some of the copper glob bits that he had brought home from work and made quite a lovely pendant, in my opinion.

I don't think he's wondering anymore what he might like to try doing when he retires. :)

what a difference a day makes...

Yesterday morning I had to take a photo of the warm glow that the sunrise cast on everything. I used to think the dead grass was ugly but over the years I've come to appreciate its beauty (even without the pinkish-golden glow from the sunrise). What a different look we woke up to this morning. I had to take another photo of pretty much the same view from the east end of the deck just to show the contrast.

Let it snow. I'm ready for it now. Have a warm and happy winter everyone.